Whether you’re looking to use something temporarily or want to try to earn a little extra cast on the side from things you aren’t using or don’t use that often, consider renting. Zilok.com (http://us.zilok.com) is a new online service that acts as a middleman between the person renting out the item/s and the person renting the item/s.

We see three major benefits:

(1) It specializes in renting, so you know that when you go to the Zilok website, everything you find can be rented (other sites list some rentals but that’s not their focus, so you can end up wasting a lot of time hunting for rental options).

(2) Not only can anyone rent from Zilok, but anyone can rent out his/her own items too. So it’s not just for businesses — individuals can participate on both sides.

(3) Because Zilok serves as a middleman, you have some protection that you wouldn’t get if you rented on your own from a stranger (or rented to a stranger). By having a formal agreement and a 3rd party involved, there’s less risk that something bad will happen during the process.

Here’s a little blurb about the site (which is pretty new here in the U.S.) on KillerStartups.com:

With Zilok, you can rent a poker table and chips to people who are looking to use it for a casino themed party, or rent out your prom dress that you wore once and will never be able to get away with again, or rent a parking space for your car during a holiday. Rent an iPhone for $8 per day for up to 15 days (why is someone renting out their iPhone??). Zilok provides the rental agreement, so all you have to do is arrange the exchange of the item being rented, pay any sort of potential deposit, then return the item and pay for the rental. You could potentially create your own version of Netflix by renting out your DVD collection. There are lots of possibilities for the site, and trust in the rental exchange will go up with ratings similar to those used on eBay to confirm that renters are reliable based on previous transactions.

Have you used Zilok.com, or have you used any other websites for rentals? Tell us about your experiences by posting a comment below.

Zilok.com: How it Works

Zilok.com Homepage (via MakeUseOf.com)