How to Remove Stubborn Sticker Residue from Windows with Something You Probably Already Own

Sticker residue can be such a pain in your home, especially on your windows. When your kids have had a little fun putting Hello Kitty stickers all over the windows, you can easily take them off – but that stubborn residue is not just going to go away. Not unless you know this little household hack! Watch the video below and arm yourself with valuable knowledge that can stop your struggle with that awful residue.

Chances are, you probably own a can of bug spray and a rag. If you’re nodding yes to both things, you have everything you need for this little window hack!

The next time you have a sticky sticker situation, spray on the bug spray and let it sit for a few moments. Then take a rag and use just a little force to wipe away the sticker goo. This trick can take off pretty big pieces and won’t streak on your windows once you’ve wiped it away!