Don’t Put Fingernail Polish Remover on a Cotton Ball. Do THIS Instead!

This is a well-known struggle. Painting your nails dark colors is a fun way to mix up your regular pinks and reds, but taking those dark nail polishes off? Not quite as fun. Dark polishes have a tendency to stain the skin around your nails when taken off with nail polish remover and a cotton ball. Those stains sometimes take DAYS to come out of your skin. How can you avoid these unsightly stains? Luckily, the answer isn’t to stop using dark nail polishes. Try this brilliant beauty hack instead!

I wish I had known this hack before I spent years scrubbing my cuticles clean of black nail polish! This is so simple and requires no extra equipment than your regular cotton pads and nail polish remover.

Step 1: Fill a small bowl with nail polish remover.
Step 2: Soak your painted nails in the remover for 20 seconds.
Step 3: Place a cotton pad on your nail.
Step 4: With one swipe, remove the dark nail polish!

Never hesitate with dark polishes again! Do you have any nail polish hacks that you love? Share them with us in the comments section below!