How To Remove Carpet Stains With The Magic Of WD-40

We’ve told you before about why you should bring your can of WD-40 out of the garage and add it to your arsenal of cleaning supplies. Prepare to add yet another use for the magical spray to that list: removing deep, old carpet stains!

In today’s video, you’ll see just how effective the lubricating spray can be on some of the gnarliest carpet stains around.

So, what constitutes a “gnarly carpet stain?” you may ask. Well, we all know that spilling a glass of red wine is pretty terrible, and grease stains are not ideal either, but some of the hardest to remove are set-in stains that have quite a bit of texture in them.

An example of this would be a piece of gum or a particularly sticky piece of food that you can’t quite lift; no matter how hard you might try to “scratch” it away, the deeper and deeper it sets into your carpet. Yep, definitely NOT ideal, huh?

Because typical stain removers, storebought or otherwise, are rarely formulated to handle cleaning catastrophes of this magnitude, we took a real “out of the box” approach in the form of WD-40.

We’re not going to lie, at first, we were petrified that we would fall victim to some cruel online hoax; that Internet trolls were making deceitful videos about this trick to get us to ruin our carpets. But, we took that leap of faith, and that set-in stain lifted practically immediately!

Now, before you go dousing your carpet with WD-40, do know that there is a method to the madness. Watch the video below first to get the full tutorial on this little-known carpet cleaning hack!

What are your thoughts on this WD-40 hack? How do you get rid of carpet stains? Do you have a WD-40 hack of your own that you would like to share?