Simple Hack for Removing Small Dents from Cars

There should be a nobel prize for life hacks! And if there was… this guy should definitely be considered. This man had a problem and he used his Wife’s hair dryer to solve it. To get rid of a small dent in the back of his beautiful white pick-up truck he takes a hair dryer to heat up the dent, then takes an air duster, the kind you find for a couple bucks at office supply stores, turns it upside down, causing it to blow out super cold air – The heat from the hair dryer causes expansion, and the cold from the canned air causes contraction causing the dent to pop right out. I couldn’t stop smiling when I heard the man’s victorious shouts of PURE JOY!! in the video below:

Editors Note: I used this method to get rid of a dent on my car. This method doesn’t work on all dents. If you have a tricky or extensive dent you should seek the assistance of a professional auto-body tech. But for simple small dents it works brilliantly. I’ve also used a toilet plunger to get out wide shallow dents. (Wonder what my neighbors must of thought watching me take a toilet plunger to my car door). What methods have you had success with removing dents from your car? Please share your experiences in the comments below.