Have you ever heard that you look just like your mother or father did when they were your age? When it comes to these people below, it may be the truest thing they’ve ever heard. In many of these amazing photos of parents and their children (or grandchildren) at the same age, we could swear we’re looking at identical twins. Only the photo quality and outfits give away that we’re looking at two different people.

1. Thoughtful and angelic. Mother on the left and daughter on the right.


2. This daughter must have used her mother’s photo for haircut inspiration.


3. Father and son – different outfit, same expression.


4. This isn’t the same person?! Mother and daughter.

5HuffPost Parents

5. Love the expression!

6HuffPost Parents

6. Gender doesn’t stand in the way of these lookalikes. Father and daughter.

8HuffPost Parents

7. This father and daughter show surprise in the same way.

3HuffPost Parents

8. Father and daughter, or time travel?

9HuffPost Parents

9. Mother and daughter look like the same baby.

10HuffPost Parents

10. This son on the right must have been recreating father’s photo on the left.


11. Father and daughter are both very happy (and very curly).

7HuffPost Parents

12. Here are 3 generations of lookalikes. Grandmother, mother and daughter.

13HuffPost Parents

13. Mother and daughter at Stonehenge at the same age.


14. Mother and daughter, both with big, beautiful eyes.

15HuffPost Parents

15. This father and son have the same charming smile.

12HuffPost Parents

16. Father, son and grandson. Hopefully we see a third photo someday.


17. Father and daughter, similar hairstyle.

18HuffPost Parents

18. Father and son. Different outfits, same smile.

19HuffPost Parents

19. Father and daughter are both happy to see you!

21HuffPost Parents

20. Father and son, and two heads full of curls.

22HuffPost Parents

21. Mother and son, or just one face?

23HuffPost Parents

22. Father and son both have impressive beards.


23. Mother and daughter with their first babies.


24. Father and son are both happy as can be.

25HuffPost Parents

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