Have you ever gotten so comfortable and relaxed at the beach that you could just fall asleep? We’ve all been there, but laying with your head in the sand or with a wet t-shirt bunched under your head kind of kills those laid back vibes. That’s why Katie Everds created this nifty invention called…The Tillow. Meaning exactly what you’re thinking: a towel and a pillow. Watch the video below to see this clever invention!

Not only is this multi-functional towel created for lounging in comfort on the beach, but it’s also meant to help protect your valuables.

Nervous to leave your towel to enjoy a dip or go get an ice cream cone? We don’t blame you – the beach is usually swarmed with strangers, many of which might be looking for a wallet or phone to steal.

The Tillow comes with hidden storage so that you can sneakily stash all your valuables in plain sight! One pocket even has a touchscreen window that lets you use your phone while it’s protected. Amazing, right?

And even better, The Tillow is easy to care for and clean. The contoured foam pillow is removable, with a washable liner that resists water and mildew. It just keeps getting better and better!

Check out The Tillow here to get yours for the beach days to come!