This Kid Hilariously Rejects a Birthday Present

Your birthday is a big thing when you’re a kid — they’re special when you’re an adult, too, but being a kid on your birthday is a whole different experience. You are the center of attention, which is something most kids constantly want, plus you’re being showered with gifts! It doesn’t get much better than that as a little boy or girl.

This boy is experiencing one of his very first birthdays, or at least one of his first birthdays where he can open his presents all by himself! He looks pretty confused by what’s going on, truth be told. His relative pushes gifts towards him, encouraging him to open them up, and another family member has to demonstrate how to pull tissue paper from the gift bag for him to copy.

After a moment, he gets a hold of the idea. He approaches his first present, grips the blue tissue paper, and does his best to yank it from the bag as he was shown.

Then he looks inside — and freezes.

His family coaxes him to reach into the bag and pull out the gift, thinking that he’s just confused about what to do next. But it becomes pretty apparent why the boy is hesitating; it’s not that he doesn’t know to grab the gift, it’s that he doesn’t WANT to grab the gift!

Little boy stares at his birthday present in shock.AFV
With the most telling looking we’ve ever seen on a child’s face, the kid looks up at his nearest family member with an expression that clearly states: “I do NOT want this.”

He looks borderline disgusted, seriously! Stepping back in disbelief, the little boy puts the icing on the cake: he takes the blue tissue paper and starts shoving it back into the bag!

Then, as if nothing happens, the boy calmly goes to his next gift. At this point, the camera cuts out, but we sure hope he liked that second present a little more than the first.

Now, this is hilarious to watch, but if that was your gift, that had to have hurt your feelings. Granted, he’s maybe two-years-old, but the look of disappointment at whatever was in that bag was cutting! Naturally, the whole family found the reaction hysterical, so much so that they sent the home video in to AFV.

What I want to know is what was in that bag? What was gifted to this kid, who barely understands how to open a present, that would shock him like this? It had to be something hilarious if it warranted this silent rejection.

What do you think of this hilarious response to this little boy’s birthday present? What do you think was gifted to him that took him aback like that? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.