9 Foods That Can Reduce Your Risk of Having a Stroke

Did you know that each year, nearly 800,000 people in America suffer a stroke? It’s a particularly scary statistic, especially when you stop to consider that strokes can happen at any age.

So, what can be done to reduce your risk of suffering a stroke? According to the Internet Stroke Center, the most important risk factor is high blood pressure. This means that if yours is high–or is even on the verge of being high–it’s important that you take the right steps to bring it down as much as you can.

In some cases, reducing blood pressure means being prescribed special medications, but the best way to get down to a safe level is to nourish yourself with a diet that promotes a healthy blood pressure level and appropriate vitamin and nutrient intake. Here are the 9 foods that can reduce your risk of having a stroke:

  1. Kale

    Kale isn’t just the trendy food that Millenials like to munch on, it is also a leafy green that is loaded with heart-healthy magnesium!

  2. Bananas

    Did you know that maintaining sufficient potassium levels in your diet can reduce your risk of stroke by 24%? This is because potassium does a great job of regulating insulin, which, in turn, stabilizes blood pressure. Our favorite source of potassium? Bananas, of course!

  3. Pumpkin Seeds

    It’s almost Halloween which means you’ll probably be carving up a pumpkin pretty soon. So, when you do, make sure that you don’t throw out the “guts”–instead, roast those yummy seeds and eat them up! Like kale, pumpkin seeds are a magnesium-rich food. When eaten sufficiently, it can reduce the risk of stroke by 22%.

  4. Low-Fat Milk

    Low-fat milk isn’t just for adults who still like to drink dairy, they are also for the ones who are concerned about their stroke risk. This is because low-fat milk has been found to significantly reduce the risk factors–this is because the white stuff is loaded with heart-healthy magneisum, calcium, and potassium.

  5. Blueberries

    Blueberries are jam-packed (get it??) with antioxidants that encourage healthy blood flow. While plenty of fruits are rich in antioxidants, we think blueberries are the best!

  6. Sweet Potatoes

    Like blueberries, sweet potatoes are filled with antioxidants which help to stop plaque build-up in its tracks. Yet another reason to bake up these sweet, healthy treats!

  7. Black Beans

    So, black beans might not be as delicious as the refried option, but the legume is a much healthier alternative. This is because black beans are packed with soluble fiber–yet ANOTHER nutritional element that has been proven to stop strokes from occuring.

  8. Salmon

    Salmon isn’t just a yummy main dish, it is also a food that is full of omega-3s, something that can reduce stroke risk by 6 to 12%. Winner-winner salmon dinner!

  9. Dark Chocolate

    Believe it or not, dark chocolate contains flavanoids which have been proven to prevent strokes from occuring. How sweet is that?!

Now that you’re clear on these stroke-busting foods, it’s time to talk with your doctor about your stroke risk. Remember, strokes can occur at any age and are especially common in those who have high blood pressure or smoke. Take care of yourself and be sure that you and your healthcare professionals are on the same page!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these healthy, stroke-reducing foods. Have you ever suffered a stroke before? If so, what caused it? Do you follow a special diet now?