Have you ever looked at the poses some models do and thought it was very unrealistic? Sometimes fashion ads can be a little unusual. Just look at the pictures on Zara’s website. Their models are known for posing in pretty odd ways, but they still manage to make the clothes and accessories look gorgeous. What would happen if a normal person tried to recreate these unusual poses? You’re about to find out.

Remi Bader is a curve model who lives in New York. She also loves to post videos of clothing hauls on TikTok. She tries on clothes from various brands to see how they work for her, and when it came to her Zara haul, she decided not to just try on the clothes but to also try to recreate the unusual poses Zara’s models are known for.

While Zara is not personally Bader’s favorite clothing brand, she does have a few brands that she recommends. She told E! that clothes at Abercrombie, American Eagle, Aerie and Good American actually fit her really well and these brands have a lot of plus size options.

Bader doesn’t take it personally that not all brands fit her correctly. She chooses to laugh it off instead. She told E!, “Clothing should never make you feel discouraged or upset.” She added, “It’s no one’s fault, it’s just the way that the fashion industry is.”

Scroll down to see Bader recreate some Zara model poses while wearing the exact same clothing as the models.