Woman Continues to Recreate Celebrity Instagram Photos and the New Pics Are Even More Hilarious

Everyone is living their best life on Instagram, only posting pictures of their most glamorous, most beautiful or most impressive moments. Sure, celebrities get real from time to time, but for the most part, it’s one enviable picture after another.

Have you ever thought about what celebrity Instagram photos would look like if a normal person posted them? Some of the poses they do and the pictures they take seem pretty awkward when you stop and think about it. Australian comedian Celeste Barber has definitely stopped to think about it, and she has done a lot more than just think about it; she has recreated some of the most popular yet most bizarre photos.

Barber’s Instagram photo recreations are hilarious for her honestly and her ability not to take herself too seriously. It seems she is willing to do anything for a laugh, even at her own expense. Her photos definitely point out just how odd some of these celebrity Instagram photos really are. Scroll down for some hilarious examples of her recreations.