If you’re a parent– or have ever MET a parent, for that matter– then you know just how frustrating rugrats can be! Yep, pretty much every kid goes through a phase when their version of “up” is an adult’s version of “down.” It sure is a time that frazzles more than a few nerves, but their reasons for getting so upset can also be just plain funny.

These days, parents are taking to social media to document their children’s most “WTF” reasons for throwing tantrums— and boy, are they silly. Here are 21 of the funniest and all-too-true examples of this hilarious viral trend.

  1. Their twin is a minute older

    At least her “big sis” is there to comfort her!

  2. Their twin is wearing the same outfit

    We’re with the crying tot on this one. She’s just trying to express her personal style!

  3. Their muffin was cut in half–even though they asked for it to be cut in half

    If you can’t relate to this aggravating dining scenario, then you probably aren’t a parent!

  4. Their rock-throwing mission was aborted

    Any kiddos out there want to explain why it’s so fun to throw rocks at your parents?!

  5. Their wedding dreams were dashed

    This little bride was told she can’t marry her daddy— or her brother.

  6. Their mom closed a book

    This pint-sized bookworm throws a fit every time his mom closes a book. We guess he hasn’t figured out how to OPEN one yet!

  7. Their tummies are rumbling

    Maybe the little guy wouldn’t be so hungry if he moved his fingers away from his eyes!

  8. Their “gifts” are not their gifts after all

    How do you explain to a 3-year-old that not all presents are for him?

  9. Their clothing choices are insufficient

    It looks like this parent has a future nudist on her hands!

  10. Their parents ask them to use their chompers

    Yep, this little one is blubbering because he was asked to chew his food. Sorry, kid, we’re siding with your folks on this one.

  11. Their Halloween costume isn’t “on fleek”

    This little tyke just wanted to be Elsa for Halloween. Her mom dressed her in vintage lederhosen instead. How did you think you were going to get away with that one scot-free, Mom?

  12. Their time at the petting zoo has come to a close

    We’d be bummed if we had to say goodbye to that alpaca, too!

  13. Their taste in beverages is a little too adult

    Something tells us that this babe will have quite the fun time in college!

  14. Their tush won’t fit into the new “chair”

    Someone’s gotta do a refresher on this kid’s furniture vocabulary. STAT!

  15. Their bird friends fly away

    A future ornithologist, ladies, and gentlemen!

  16. Their hair is admired

    Your mom just told you that she liked your hair. No need to shed any more tears, little dude!

  17. Their driver’s license got lost in the mail

    Apparently, this pint-sized Danica Patrick thinks her mom should let her drive hom from preschool.

  18. Their rubber ducky is hiding from them

    This kid looked everywhere but his head!

  19. Their mom “killed” the bagel

    Who knew that babies were so attached to their breakfast foods?

  20. Their dog is in the way

    Does someone want to check that pooch’s pulse?!

  21. Their parents kissed in front of them

    To be fair, even grown-ups don’t like to see their parents kiss. Gross!

Those kiddos sure know how to throw tantrums, huh? We can’t wait to hear your take on these funny pictures! Why do your kids cry? Do you ever post photos of your kids when they throw fits? Do you have any of your own that you would like to share?