When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of food. It’s often called “Turkey Day,” after all. Turkey is often the centerpiece of any Thanksgiving dinner, unless you’re vegan, and then perhaps your main course is tofurkey. 

While we love turkey, one of our favorite parts of any Thanksgiving dinner is dessert, and for this particular holiday, dessert usually means pie. From pumpkin pie, to apple pie, there are so many different options.

Dessert on Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be pie though. If you happen to love cake, and if you also happen to love turkey, one cake artist has found a way to combine the two. No, we’re not talking about some weird turkey-tasting cake. We’re talking about a cake that looks so much like a raw turkey that your Thanksgiving guests would be shocked when you slice into it and reveal layers of cake.

Sarah Hardy is definitely exceptional when it comes to decorating cakes. She used to make realistic-looking sculptures, but once she had children, she started making cakes for them instead. Hardy says, “I couldn’t help making sculpted cakes for them. So that’s how it started and then it just got weirder and weirder.”

Hardy loves making cakes and chocolates that look like something else. She is known for creating desserts that are so detailed and realistic that people really wonder what they’re looking at. It’s honestly hard to believe that it’s cake.

We were fascinated by Hardy’s turkey cake and wanted to know just how she goes about creating such a masterpiece. The video below shows just that. Watch from start-to-finish as Hardy turns a layer cake into a turkey.

If you would like to order a cake like this for Thanksgiving, it’ll cost about $600. Considering how much work goes into making one, that doesn’t seem like such a bad deal; however, if you have some free time, you could make the cake yourself.

Hardy has written detailed instructions about how to go about making your own raw turkey cake. She writes, “This tutorial is for those with some previous experience of baking and covering cakes but if you’re a beginner with a give-it-a-go attitude you should have some fun too.”

Sounds like anyone can do it if they’re determined. You don’t even need any really weird ingredients or baking tools. A trip to your local grocery store is probably all you’ll need to get going.

Over on Instagram, it’s split whether this cake is “revolting” or “amazing,” but “revolting” is in the lead. If you think this cake is revolting, wait until you see the other creations she posts on Instagram. Yikes!

What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner? How do you think your family would react if you served this raw turkey cake on Thanksgiving?