Every family has its cast of characters, and when it’s time celebrate together for the holidays, it is pure entertainment. That is, if you are watching from the sidelines. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, we thought we’d revisit one woman who became internet famous.

Marney was in charge of planning her family’s big Thanksgiving get-together, which, as you know, is 90% about the food. To help keep things organized, she created what is now known as “The Thanksgiving Letter”, which took on a life of its own.

Poor Marney comes off as a bit high-strung and passive-aggressive, and we’re not sure if it was because the holidays stress her out or if it is simply in her DNA. Years ago, someone in her clan posted the formal, to-the-point letter to AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com, outing her ways.

Here’s a snippet:

To read the whole thing, click here. The note to Amy Misto is particularly funny and if you don’t understand the physics behind why aluminum foil isn’t the move, then allow Marney to explain it.

After the letter went viral, and waaaay after the site Awkward Family Photos caught up with her, Marney finally agreed to sit down for a short interview about the letter. In the spirit of Turkey Day, we are sharing it below.

There is probably a Marney in every family, and we’d like to know if you have one in yours. You could be the person sending out a notice like this!

Have you ever been to a Thanksgiving dinner with instructions like these? What are your thoughts on this letter and Marney?