Woman Gets Pregnant with an Unusual Type of Twins

What’s more rare than identical twins? Mono mono identical twins, the term for when twin babies have not only split from the same egg, they share the same placenta and amniotic sac while they’re in the womb. Incredible already, right? Well, just wait until you hear the story of Sarah Thistlehwaite, a mother carrying mono mono twins, and learn what the twins were doing when they entered the world.

Considering the miraculous nature of the twins conception, Sarah was considered a “high-risk” patient. The odds of her pregnancy were, after all, 1 in 10,000 and the hospital wanted to be sure that her unique childbirth was handled appropriately. So experienced high-risk doctor, Dr. Justin Lavin, took their case.

Dr. Lavin told CNN that in his 35 years of practicing high-risk gynecology, he had only seen less than eight cases like Sarah’s. The odds of a successful, healthy birth were in her favor, especially in these experienced hands. Nevertheless, the family did experience some difficulties leading up to the big day.

Due to some tangled of the umbilical cords, Sarah was detained in the hospital for 56 days leading up to her babies’ birth. On day 57, when it was finally time, she graciously allowed CNN to come into the operating room where her C-section was taking place.

At 2:41 PM, twins Jenna and Jillian were born, but not just in any old way. No, a birth this rare had to have a heartwarming ending like this. To the doctors surprise and delight, the twins came out together — holding hands.

“It was just so awesome,” Sarah told CNN. “They were holding hands, and it was so great to hear them both cry.”

Both babies came out at just over three pounds and had to be tended to in the NICU as pre-natal cases, however doctors assured the parents both babies were perfectly fine. Jillian was able to breathe on her own almost immediately and Jenna needed some help from an oxygen machine, but was still stable.

Oh, and we missed one tiny little detail. This miraculous double birth with a touching conclusion? It all happened on Mother’s Day. Talk about one amazing present from your kids!

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