23 Rare Baby Names that You Probably Haven’t Heard

Are you in the market for a baby name but don’t want to go with something traditional? Plenty of rarely used or unusual names are available for the picking and we’re here to help you mine for them.

Many parents find inspiration for names in their ancestry, pop culture, or books. Others look to online name sites that collect names from yore that have gone out of style, or are rising contenders. Choosing a name that is meaningful but also a standout doesn’t have to be hard, but it might take guts.

Let’s look at a few rare names that may have been heard here or there, but definitely not everywhere. Some of these could be unisex or altered to work for either gender.

Rare Boys’ Names

  1. Ace

    With a short spelling and one syllable, Ace is aces when it comes to winning. It means “expert”, or “one”.

  2. Landon

    It may sound like a last name, but parents are turning this name that means “from the long hill” into a first name. It’s still only accounts for less than 1% of baby boys. Very rare!

  3. Prince

    The meaning of this one speaks for itself, but it’s really only been popular with musicians.

  4. Hendrix

    Popular in 2016, Hendrix is still rarely used as a first name. But why not name your rockin’ baby after a rock star?

  5. Jett

    Another surname, Jett is occasionally used as both a masculine and feminine name. It was relatively unused as a first name until about two years ago. Still, only about 1,000 babies in the U.S. were named Jett in 2016.

  6. Axyl (or Axel)

    Yeah, we know about Axl Rose, and this name screams rocker. But according the names.org, it means “my father is peace”.

  7. Zander

    Sometimes spelled “Xander”, this Greek name is unique and means “defender of the people”. We like that— and you may like that there aren’t many guys named Zander!

  8. Jorel

    A name with Hebrew origins meaning “God will uplift”. Spelled as Jor-El, it’s Superman’s dad. Need twin names? If you want to keep Kryptonian traditions alive, try Jorel and Kalel!

  9. Omari

    Omari flows smoothly off the tongue, but has powerful connotations with the meaning “chief”.

  10. Atticus

    Latin name that was made famous through To Kill a Mockingbird, in Rome it meant “from Attica”.

  11. Odin

    Why not name your kid after the Norse king-god of wisdom, law, and rulership? Not many folks are doing it.

  12. Kylo

    You’ve got to know this one is influenced by Star Wars. Fans, may the force of this name be with you.

Rare Girls’ Names

  1. Lyric

    Remind you of your favorite song? It’s connected to the lyre, a musical instrument, but means words to a song.

  2. Rayne (or Reine)

    Regal name meaning queen that’s so unique we had a hard time finding its origin.

  3. Aurelia

    If your child is the light of your life and makes it richer, then this name meaning “golden” could be the one for you.

  4. Indigo

    Meaning blue, a color in the rainbow, some parents of rainbow babies opt for this unique moniker.

  5. September

    If you like it, we love it. It’s linked to the number 7 and luckily, this little girl already has a song with her name in it.

  6. Sariyah

    Sariyah has different spellings in different cultures. In Arabic, it means “clouds at night”. In Hebrew, it’s spelling Saria, and means “princess”.

  7. Devon

    Considered a unisex name, Devon is rare among girls. It originates from a region in England called Devonshire.

  8. Zhuri

    Also spelled “Zuri”, it’s quite a beautiful name that actually means “beautiful”. Disney watchers have probably heard Jessie call it out.

  9. Solana

    Daughters named Solana tend to bring “sunshine” to their parents. It also means “East Wind”.

  10. Davina

    A feminine form of David, it means “beloved”.

  11. Adeline

    This pretty, vintagey name has been quietly rising in the ranks during the past decade. It means “noble”.


Out of the millions of names that you could possibly give your child, go with something inspired and meaningful to you. Though these names are rare and unique now, it wouldn’t be surprising if two or three crept up into the top 50 on the popularity charts.

Can you think of any other names that might belong on this list? Do you know anyone with one of these names or does one jump out to you?


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