This Real-Life Rapunzel and Her Daughters Visit a Beauty Salon for the First Time. But One Service is Off the Table for All of Them.

Can you imagine having hair so long that if you washed it in the shower, it would quite literally drag you to the floor? Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell doesn’t have to imagine, because with her 74 inches of hair – that’s over six feet! – it’s her everyday reality. Her daughters are following the family hair tradition, too, and between the four of them, they have an astounding 13 feet of tresses in total.

Understandably, the hair upkeep in their home…challenging. The family reports that the girls use as much as a quarter of their conditioner bottles every time they wash their manes, and grooming time between the four of them can take literal hours.

Despite the challenges, however, the family is justly proud of their locks. Tere’s husband claims it was one of the very first things that attracted him to her when they were teenagers.

“She had amazing hair, which was something that was very eye catching and appealing to me,” husband Chip told Barcroft TV.

Since then, the two have married and raised their three long-haired children together. As a clan, the ladies have won dozens of awards in long hair competitions (which, yes, actually exist) in their home state of Illinois. It’s now become a tradition that every August, the family goes to the state fair and returns home with at least one ribbon to show for it!

You might think that since the family has such an obsession with their long, healthy hair, that they would regularly haunt a local salon or two – however, the family has NEVER been to a hair salon of any kind.

Until today, that is.

Barcroft TV followed the family on their first-ever salon excursion, and their reactions are pretty priceless. Although the ladies have decided not to go for haircuts, they’re allowing the stylists to wash, condition, and brush out their manes. They’re basically there for a day of pampering!

We’re not sure how relaxing it all was, though, with Tere stating that having several women tugging on her locks was a little painful and strange.

Getting trims was obviously not on the docket for this spa day, but the youngest of the bunch admits to her stylist that she has been sorely tempted by the idea. When asked how many inches she dreams of cutting off, little Chesney says she would like to chop at least 10 inches off her long mane. Tere says she has been going back and forth on the decision for a while now.

“Chesney is ready to have her hair trimmed – a little bit more than a trim, I think,” Tere says. “There are days where she says, ‘Mom, it’s too long. I want my hair short and that’s all there is to it.’ And there are other days when we’ll talk about it seriously and she’ll say, ‘No, I want my hair long, Mom.’ It’s not going to be my decison, it’s going to be theirs! But I want them to be mature enough to make that decision for themselves.”

Until that time, it looks like this long-haired clan is sticking together!

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