Where I live you can choose from hot yoga, laughter yoga, metalhead yoga, and beer and yoga gatherings. There is something for everyone. But this yoga class in Houston, Texas goes to show that a little cursing is good for the soul.

Attend a Rage Yoga event headed by instructor Ashley Duzich and you’ll get to scream, curse, and stretch, all while holding a beer. Sound delightful? It does if you need to release some pent-up stress, anger, and tension. Release it! The entire point is to let loose.

In this class, don’t expect things to be quiet, as yogis are encouraged to yell whatever they want. Held twice a month at Brash Brewery, the class includes all the regular elements you would find in a typical yoga session: breathing techniques, stretching, poses, and mudras.

It just comes with a side of cussing and a cold beer – if you want. Obviously, the environment is not suitable for kids, but participants are welcome to bring their dogs along. We wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to join in and bark.

Duzich shares some common knowledge from the yoga world by saying it’s about unifying with yourself. That equates to balancing your mind, body, and spirit. And sometimes that means shouting and letting it all out, even if foul language is involved. Check out the class by clicking on the clip below.

Have you taken a class like this? Would you consider it? If you do yoga, what types of unique classes have you found?