A mother’s love isn’t restricted to humans, not by a long shot. The proof? This amazing act of motherly love done by this mama raccoon! When this baby raccoon can’t get over a wall, his mother and his siblings help rescue him in the cutest way! Watch the video below to see what they did – it will make your heart melt.

This video was taken by a police officer in Camdenton, Missouri. They were working security one evening at the local high school when they saw the mother raccoon on the wall with one of her babies, attempting to get her other baby over the wall.

As we see in the video, the mother raccoon leaned over the wall as the baby held onto her legs so she could reach out and grab the other baby and pull him up.

Thank you to that police officer, because this was a heartwarming video! Such a great example of the bounds that teamwork and love that can reach.