Quitting smoking is difficult. I’ve never smoked, but I’ve seen people who smoke at least a pack a day who have tried to quit but always go back. Smokers and non-smokers alike are well aware of the health risks of smoking. But there is another large downside to cigarettes besides the risk of cancer, emphysema and the like. Smoking alone could possibly be costing you thousands and thousands of dollars a year.

Seem like a lot? Billeater.com compiled a list of the ways that cigarettes can cost you. Here’s some of the information they provided:

  • Now that cigarettes cost about $9 a pack, a pack-a-day smoker spends $3,285 a year on smoking. And this doesn’t include replacing lost lighters.
  • Smokers pay about 40-50% more for life insurance than non-smokers. So if a non-smoker pays $500, add $250 more for a smoker.
  • Some companies are starting to force smoking employees to pay more for health insurance. If smokers are forced to pay $20-$50 more a month, that’s equivalent to $240-$600 more a year.
  • If a smoker tries to trade in a luxury car, they will lose an estimated $1,000 on the trade.

Quitting smoking may be the hardest thing a smoker will ever do, but just think about the benefits. Think of what that extra $5,000 to $10,000 a year will do for you!

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