A couple of weeks ago, we called on Tip Heroes to tell us how they get rid of any and all kinds of stains. While you shared some truly helpful and creative tips, I noticed that we didn’t focus too much on getting stains out of carpets. I stumbled across this great, in-depth article from This Old House that is completely devoted to removing any kind of carpet stain. So don’t panic if you spill something on your brand new carpet. First, check out the tips that This Old House has to offer on the subject.

  • Water-Soluble Stains: (alcoholic beverages, berries, excrement, food dyes, ice cream, jelly, milk, washable ink, wet or latex paint) Use a cleaning solution made up of 1/4 teaspoon of white vinegar mixed with 32 ounces of water.
  • Special Water-Soluble Stains: (blood, chocolate, coffee, mustard, tea, vomit, wine) Mix 1 tablespoon of ammonia mixed with 1 cup of water. If that is unsuccessful, try one part chlorine bleach to five parts water (on solution-dyed carpets only).
  • Fat, Oil and Wax: Place paper towel over the carpet and iron on warm setting.
  • Cigarette Burns: Rub the pile with the edge of a hard and flat surface, such as a dull knife.
  • Glue: Moisten a cotton ball or soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and press onto affected area. Once the glue is moistened, gently wipe it off and repeat.
  • Wax and Gum: Use ice to freeze the wax or gum, then shatter it with a spoon or another blunt object. Vacuum before the pieces soften and blot the carpet with a white towel.
  • Nail Polish: Blot area with a rag dipped in nail polish remover.
  • Urine: Absorb as much as you can with white towels, then blot with a damp, cool cloth. Spray or blot with a solution of one part vinegar to one part water. Finally, apply a solution of 1/2 teaspoon of clear, mild, nonbleach detergent mixed with 32 ounces of water. Rinse and blot dry.

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