Harvest season is upon us, and you know what that means— our pantries and our kitchens are going to start filling up with tons of fresh, delicious produce from our gardens, farmers’ markets and road stands. There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy them all, but right now, our favorite way has got to be an old-fashioned method that adds extra flavor: pickling! Quick-pickling, to be exact, an easier-than-you-think process coming to us from Epicurious via Lifehacker!

How is quick-pickling different than regular pickling? The quick version is more similar to marinating, whereas traditional pickling uses stronger brining and canning techniques to extend your veggies’ shelf-life. Quick-pickling is perfect for when you’ve got a craving for a tart, perfectly sour snack and you just have to have it RIGHT. NOW.

So how’s it done? Easy! Remember this ratio: Equal parts vinegar and water. Four times as much sugar as salt. Then add whatever spices you want. Bring it all to a boil, then cover the produce you’re pickling with the mixture. Wait a few hours, and voila! Pickles!

For more details on the process and more flavor tips – including some additional special spice recommendations – check out the original posts over on Lifehacker and Epicurious. Then tell us what you’re going to pickle first! Have you ever “quick pickled” before?