Queen Elizabeth II: she’s intimidating, she’s funny, she’s a boss, and, of course, she’s the most notable living monarch in the entire world.

As a matter of fact, she’s such a noteworthy figure that it’s easy to forget that she’s also another very important thing: a grandmother.

Yep, Queen Elizabeth has a whopping eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren, all of whom make up England’s Royal Family. And while it’s not entirely clear what type of grandmother she is towards her many offspring, we have gotten a few hints over the years.

Take today’s story, for instance. In a series of photos that the Queen recently took with an official from Australia, eagle-eyed fans spotted one very interesting decoration in her office: a framed photo of her grandson, Prince Harry and his new bride, Meghan Markle on their wedding day. You’ve probably heard something about the big day, huh?

Actually, their marital status is so new that we often forget to refer to these two by their royal titles, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. What a life, huh?

But let’s not get distracted with royal titles; we’re here to give you the scoop on Queen Elizabeth’s surprisingly sweet decorating choices.

Now, we don’t want to admit that we were surprised to see this framed photo placed right in the view of all the world to see; it isn’t scandalous, and about a billion or so folks tuned in to see the nuptials anyways.

What is interesting about the choice, however, is that most people don’t consider the grandmother and great-grandmother to be the most touchy-feely person on the planet. The revelation of the photo gives her a nice little touch of humanity that we, for one, love.

To see the photos of the official meeting that show Queen Elizabeth’s framed photo of the new royal couple, be sure to watch the video below. How sweet!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Queen Elizabeth II’s decorating choices. Does it surprise you that she has displayed this framed photo? Do you think she is a loving grandmother behind the scenes?