The Queen Has Put Duchess Meghan in Charge of One of Her Favorite Duties

For royal watchers who need proof in their pudding that the Queen has accepted Meghan Markle into the fold, there’s something new in the works. Her duties are growing!

We’ve seen the newest member of the royal family tour Cheshire with the Queen as part of her duchess training. You may also have caught wind of that time Markle’s beagle, Guy, hitched a ride with Her Majesty. It seems like Meghan is feeling the love and approval.

Recently, it’s been reported by Insider that the Queen has named Meghan as a Principal Patron of the Royal Foundation Fund. The foundation’s work revolves around multiple charitable causes such as mental health, wildlife conservation, military members, and the youth.

Some of the biggest news coming from Kensington Palace is that Meghan is being tapped by Queen Elizabeth to welcome participants in the Queen’s Young Leaders program. Prince Harry joined as a patron earlier in 2018 and Meghan will be by his side in the Queen’s stead.

An initiative that’s been close to the Queen’s heart since its inception in 2014, the program recognizes and supports youth who are doing good work in their communities. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are to greet the group this summer when they come to Buckingham Palace.

Each year, the program selects individuals between the ages of 18 and 29 from Commonwealth countries all over the world for awards and grants. If their project or organization meets certain criteria, they will be provided with grant funds to further their work.

All the participants receive leadership development training, networking opportunities, and masterclass instruction. Meghan Markle already has a demonstrated track record in philanthropy, having done things such as partnered with the United Nations, visited refugee camps, and campaigned for clean water.

One of the charities she’s been very vocal about is Myna Mahila, an organization in India that provides sanitary napkins to young girls who otherwise would not have access to them. If there is one place Markle gets to shine with her royal duties, it is through humanitarian causes.

Many watching from the sidelines expect the Queen to continue to delegate some of her duties and patronages since she is getting older and may want to slow down. The world’s interest in the younger generation of royals has provided new opportunities for the monarchy to make changes in how they interact with the public.

It would be no surprise to see the “Fab Four” taking on more responsibility and eventually becoming the face of the royal family. To hear more about the Queen’s plans for Meghan Markle, click on the video below.

As Meghan continues to settle into her new role, we’ll probably see more of her and the Queen in the public eye – together. Who wouldn’t mind seeing those two giggle together again?

What do you think of the Queen sharing her duties with Duchess Meghan? Do you expect to see more from the younger royals? Were you aware of the Queen’s Young Leaders program?