Top 10 Times the Queen Was a Total Boss

Our notion of how queens behave is influenced by history, media, and a little bit of fairy tale too. In modern times, Queen Elizabeth is the most famous example of a female monarch.

Whatever opinion you have of her now – that’s based on history, media, and fairy tale – is about to be shifted. She already has an air of mystery about her that goes beyond her regal persona. But there’s more than meets the eye with the Queen.

The woman is a low-key B-O-S-S. A Shot caller. And pretty dang cool. The 91-year-old royal has had a storied life so far, filled with adventure, love, fun, and power. As a tribute to the lesser-known details of the Queen’s fierceness, Harper’s Bazaar put together this video.

Accompanied by the perfect soundtrack, it drops some amazing facts about her youth, rise to power, and current reign. We betcha ya weren’t expecting this!

  1. She Can Fix Trucks

    Uh huh. At age 18, she joined the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service, a branch of the British military. Serving during World War II, the then-princess learned how to become a mechanic and drive military trucks.

    She IS the only female member of the royal family to join the armed forces and the only living head of state that served during WWII.

  2. She Didn’t Take Hubby’s Last Name

    She married Prince Philip Mountbatten in 1947, a few years before becoming queen. After her father’s sudden death, her ascension to the throne at age 25 required her to choose a name for herself and her children.

    Under the advice of Winston Churchill, she decided to stick with her father’s lineage and chose Windsor, which angered her husband for a long time.

  3. She Doesn’t Use a Passport

    Because British passports are issued in her name, there’s no need for her to have one herself. But if she did, can you imagine how many stamps she’d have racked up?

  4. She’s Gone James Bond on Us

    queen bondHarper's Bazaar

    In real life and on film. She’s already got a secret code in place for communicating with her staff, but there was that one time she did a thing with James Bond.

    007 (Daniel Craig) strode into Buckingham Palace to escort the Queen to 2012’s Olympic Games. They traveled by helicopter to the stadium where, upon arrival, they jumped out and landed by parachute. Pleated dress and all!

Keep watching the video to hear more tidbits about the Queen’s life! And check out how she can handle herself around guns. A peek inside the inner workings of the royal family will reveal some interesting facts about how they live.

What’s not always revealed is that the Queen is a certified badass. Tough, smart, funny, and kind, Her Majesty is a multidimensional force with many sides. If given the opportunity, this legendary lady is probably someone who you’d want to hang out with at parties – especially both of her birthday celebrations!

Did you know all these things about the Queen? Which of these facts surprised you the most?