The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has forced a lot of things to happen—schools to close, adults to work from home (or even be out of work completely), and most restaurants are only allowed to offer takeout—absolutely no dine-in service as of now to avoid any health risks.

This poses a lot of issues for restaurant owners and patrons alike. Owners can only survive on offering takeout for so long and patrons are missing being able to eat out on occasion.

There’s also one more person this mandate effects: Guy Fieri.

The Food Network star is most known for hosting “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” where he heads to his favorite joints around the world and tries popular dishes in person. Of course, new episodes had to be put on hold during the outbreak as to not increase the spread of the virus.

However, a solution has been put in place. Fieri has decided to film three new episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives that focus solely on takeout. Not only does this keep episodes rolling, but the segments will also be able to highlight businesses who are going above and beyond to provide for their customers on this time of need.

“Triple D has always been about hittin’ the road and celebrating the hard workin’ folks of the restaurant business. And while the restaurants are partially closed and the Camaro is parked, DDD: Takeout is here to show you how your favorite chefs are still cookin’ it up to keep people fed, support their communities, their families, and their employees,” Fieri said in a statement.

Sure, he won’t be driving around in his classic red convertible, but he’ll still be exploring new places—just remotely through video chat.

The episodes will mostly focus on how these restaurants are adapting to serve customers while ensuring they’re meeting safety rules and expectations.

Additionally, Guy will still be able to discuss signature dishes with the restaurant owners, but with a twist: The owners aren’t just going to show him how they made the dishes, they’re actually going to send him a list of ingredients before filming so that he can make the dishes on air. The chefs will talk him through it.

Just some of the delicious meals you can expect to see Guy make include chicken tamales, paella fritters, dumplings, BBQ burnt ends, chicken parm and more. We’re drooling just thinking about it!

To hear more about what you can expect from the pandemic-friendly episodes of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Check out the video below.

Pretty cool, huh? It just goes to show how many people are adapting in the age of quarantine. Will you be watching?