Famous “Laughing Quadruplets” from America’s Funniest Home Videos Are All Grown Up 16 Years Later

In 2008, the Mathias family submitted to America’s Funniest Home Videos, where the goofiest and most unfortunate home tapes compete to win money based on how hilarious they are! The video was of the Mathias children as babies, lying on a bed with their mother and cracking up in the most adorable way.

Did we mention that the Mathias children are quadruplets?

Covered in four adorable babies, this mom could hardly contain herself as her kids chortled all in unison, in the EXACT same way. It’s one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen!

Apparently, the studio audience (or the judges? We’re not entirely sure who chooses the winning videos on the show…) agreed, because the family won $395,000 from that side-splitting clip.

The clip was sent in when the quads were six, and were asked to come on Oprah to discuss their big win. Now in 2017, the sisters are all grown up at 16-years-old. Oprah caught up with the teens and their family in South Carolina by Skyping in a for quick chat.

Fondly, the family reminisced on how exciting it was to be asked on the Oprah Winfrey Show, with their parents laughing about what a “whirlwind” it was traveling with four energetic kids to the studio. Meanwhile, the girls remembered how badly they wanted to go backstage after being interviewed with Oprah to munch on a jelly donut.

But the family didn’t just leave with the memories, they also had internet fame and the substantial prize money which dad Steve says “changed a lot of things in their lives”. And even years later, that prize money isn’t the only thing still effecting the same.

“People still go wild over that video!” Mom Allison Mathias said.

“I think it’s just one of those videos that you can’t not laugh at,” Steve added. “It’s something about the syncopation of them starting and stopping laughing. It’s just the contagious type of laugh.”

The quads revealed to Oprah that although they may LOOK the same, they have very different interests. Mary Claire and Emily love the digital arts while Anna enjoys orchestra and Grace loves photography; besides that, they all have very different sense of humor. The sisters even have their own wardrobes now, claiming that they stopped dressing to match after middle school.

But despite their differences, people still assume that the quads are desperate to distinguish themselves from one another! When Emily decided to cut her hair to a pixie, where all her sisters have long, curly hair, she said everyone assumed she was “trying to be different” when she truthfully just wanted to cut her hair!

It’s so interesting to get this glimpse into the interesting life of these internet-famous quads, and we hope they continue to be as happy-go-lucky as always.

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