PVC pipe is one of the least expensive things you can pick up from your local hardware store. As it turns out, PVC pipe is also one of the most handy things you can pick up at the hardware store, too! Since it’s pretty easy to cut, paint, and drill, there are endless options when it comes to using this surprising material around your home. Check out these 11 DIY PVC projects we can’t wait to try out for ourselves!

1. Shoe Rack

DIY shoe rack made out of PVC pipeshomemadesimple


Do your shoes get crazy cluttered? Get them under control with these DIY cubbies! You can make as many as you need for the amount of shoes you have…which for some of us, may be a lot.

2. Curtain Rod

Curtain rod made out of PVC pipesKarena MyLife


Why are curtain rods so expensive? It’s a mystery we’ll never solve— and now thanks to this simple DIY, we’ll never have to! This PVC pipe curtain rod is one you’ll never worry about falling, and you can make it whatever size and color you need.

3. Modern Wine Rack

pipe wineMartha Stewart

This neat little wine rack from Martha Stewart can fit right into a cabinet in the kitchen! What a classy way to store and showcase your vino.

4. Drawer Organizers


pipe drawerBetter Homes and Gardens

No matter how many times you organize your drawers, they always end up a mess again. Well, this idea from Better Homes and Gardens might be the easiest way to organize your drawers and keep them that way!

5. Hair Dryer and Iron Holder


pipe hairPinterest

This idea is both adorable and functional for your bathroom accessories! We love how just one multi-faceted pipe holds both and the blank surface of the PVC allows for a fun new paint job.

6. Wine Glass Holder


pipe wineglassHGTV

Why didn’t we think of this great idea first? If you’re already getting PVC to keep your wine bottles organized, you might as well make this contraption to keep your glasses in line, too! Bath

7. Bath Time Fun


pipe funEllis Benus
pipe fun2Ellis Benus

Your kids will never want to get out of the tub again thanks to this idea from Ellis Benus.

8. Modern Vases/Centerpieces


pipe vaseseHow

With a little gold spray paint and some PVC pipe, you too can make these fancy looking vases! Perfect for showing off your fresh bouquet.

9. Garden Tool Storage

Use PVC to hold gardening tools.Ashbee Designs

The garage is another infamously messy place, where gardening tools lay in messy, dirty piles. By installing a little PVC on the walls, you can have an easy, cheap storage unit to contain everything from shovels to rakes!

10. DIY Indoor Planter

A Beautiful Mess via HouseBeautiful

For a little green inside, plants are the best way to go. No pots to use? Make your own by drilling a few holes in a length of PVC!

11. PVC Pipe Wreath

Wreath made out of PVC pipes.DIY Craft Moms

This one isn’t functional so much as it is GORGEOUS. Whether it’s for the holiday season or just for a unique, cheap piece of home decor, this repurposed pipe wreath is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.


What do you think of these PVC projects? Do you use PVC in a different creative way around the house? Share your favorite DIYs in the comments section below.