When This Puppy Gets Pets Of His Own, The Results Are TOO Cute!

A puppy is cute all on his own. A foster puppy who has just been rescued and is making himself at home is even cuter. But a foster puppy making himself at home and looking over a pair of baby ducklings? That might just be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. Want to see this cute-overload for yourself? Watch the video below and prepare yourself for a lot of feels.

Patty Cakes is the name of the six-month-old rescue puppy who just became the foster mother of two adorable baby ducklings. The ducklings are named Penguin and Popinjay – as if this situation could get any cuter.

The ducklings have completely accepted Patty Cake as their mother and are being well protected under Patty Cake’s watchful gaze.