We all love peanut butter for many reasons—besides tasting amazing, it’s the perfect healthy snack that fills you up. Plus it’s versatile; you can put it on a sandwich, on your celery, or dip apple slices into it. It can be anything from breakfast to dessert, and we just love it for that.

However, there’s one major flaw to peanut butter. It’s not really the easiest food to maneuver. Spreading peanut butter onto a piece of bread to make a sandwich can cause agony—the knife sticks to the bread, the bread rips, and your sandwich is destroyed.

Or how about when you’re trying to measure out exactly one tablespoon of peanut butter for your morning smoothie? What a pain it can be to get the sticky stuff accurately into a measuring spoon, and then into the blender. Good luck not turning into a finger-licking sticky mess.

Let’s not even talk about how frustrating it is when you’re down to the last drop of your peanut butter jar and need to scrape every last bit from the jar. And you STILL never get it all.

There’s also the issue of having to then wash the peanut butter spreader or whatever utensil you’ve used (god forbid you put that in the dishwasher—the peanut butter never comes off!).

As you can see, while peanut butter is easy to love, it’s not as easy to use and eat.

Image of peanut butter pumpindiegogo

To the rescue, one man named Andy Scherer, a dad to five grown children, who understood these PB struggles well. He came up with a solution for peanut butter lovers everywhere, and honestly, we can’t get over how brilliant it is.

It’s called the peanut butter pump, and it’s exactly what you think it is: A pump that you can place on top of your peanut butter jar so that you can pump it out instead of using a spreader or spoon. There are even measurements right on the nozzle to ensure you’re keeping your proportions in check!

What’s more, as you pump, it scrapes the insides of the jar. When the peanut butter tub is out, the inside of the jar will be the cleanest you’ve ever seen. Not a drop to be wasted!

The peanut butter pump also makes it easy to add peanut butter to just about anything. It’s the perfect way for people—and even restaurants too—who frequently use the ingredient in their meals. Just keep it right on the counter, give it a pump, and that’s it!

It truly makes enjoying peanut butter faster and easier than ever. Even kids can use it easily—it doesn’t even require two hands! Even if you’re not a peanut butter fan, this pump should work just fine on any nut butter, from almond to cashew.

The pump isn’t available to purchase in stores yet, but Andy has sent up an Indiegogo page to help raise funds to get this thing off and running. Check it out here!

For more on how the pump works, and all the ways you can use it, check out the video below.

Are you a peanut butter fan? Would you ever use this pump?