13 Professors Share the Funniest Reviews They’ve Ever Received

It’s always interesting find out what people really think about you. Sometimes it’s pretty eye-opening. Sometimes it’s disappointing. Sometimes it’s pretty funny.

If you’ve ever Googled yourself, you can probably relate to the professor version of that which would be looking yourself up on the website RateMyProfessor. On the site, students can comment about and rate their professors and their schools. This can be interesting for current and future students to learn more about what to expect, but it can also be pretty amusing at times when professors read these reviews.

Reddit user njck-njck asked, “Professors of Reddit: Do you ever look yourself up on RateMyProfessor and if so, what is the funniest review someone has ever left about you?”

Get ready for a laugh. These 13 reviews really are pretty funny.

  1. “He’s So Attractive”

    Written by scenicbiway708:

    I looked up my partner on RateMyProfessor. Someone wrote that he is so attractive it’s hard to pay attention.I agree, random undergrad.

  2. This Was a Very Unhappy Student

    From profzoff:

    There have been some fun ones, however this one from back in early 2000s always stuck out to me:I hope you get the bird flu and die. However, before you die, you understand that you gave it to your wife and family and they all die. And then you die with the knowledge that you killed them.

  3. Amazing Listening Skills

    Written by Back2Bach:

    The funniest review was from an organ performance major.He said that I was “the only instructor who could effectively teach organ technique and the performance of literature in the studio while simultaneously correcting a wrong note he heard coming from a piano major across the hall in a practice room!”

  4. Younger Than She Looks

    Araucaria2024 wrote:

    “This teacher is so cool that I can’t believe she is as old as she is.”

  5. Good but Not Perfect

    Reddit user 10piepiek wrote:

    A student once wrote, “She is a very good teacher. She is not perfect, because only God is perfect, but she is a very good teacher.”.

  6. Boring

    Written by Fearless-Ad7858:

    Best one for me: he is boring and he knows it.

  7. Whaaat???

    From SnooAvocados5886:

    I taught a community college class for two semesters, and I saw on that site two people complained I was often late. I was always at least 15 minutes early since I wasn’t working working then. That was confusing.

  8. She’s on Drugs

    Written by C6H11CN:

    I had had fairly major surgery a week before classes started and warned my students to let me know if I didn’t make sense because Demerol.On a 5 star review I got, “Great teacher even if she was on drugs!”

  9. Ben Stiller

    Reddit user Demented_Liar shared:

    We actually asked our physics professor this at my old CC. He said he did because he likes the feedback good, bad, and ugly and when we asked what his favorite feedback was it was one declaring he kinda looks like Ben Stiller.

  10. Why the Students Stay Focused

    From doggos_are_better:

    Yup! I’m a young, female professor, so some of the comments can be pretty funny. My favorite one ends with “…plus, it’s super easy to stay focused because daayum she’s fine”

  11. Too Peppy

    Shared by Unit-Circle:

    “She’s very peppy… annoyingly so…” I teach math… would you rather me be monotone? :-) It made me laugh

  12. Swing Music

    munkymu wrote:

    A friend of mine was a teaching assistant long ago, and his favourite rating read “warning: the TA is a huge nerd and likes to play swing music during the lab.” He was so proud of that one.

  13. Fake Accent

    Written by DrAversion:

    A bunch of students criticized me for using a fake British accent and trying to morph it back to an American accent too soon