Not everything in the world was built with plus size people in mind, and TikTok user Mary Fran is pointing out some of those examples with a sense of humor that has caused her videos to go viral.

Mary Fran is a self-described fat person, and her TikTok is all about body positivity. She recently posted a video on TikTok while staying at a hotel with her sister, and the video originally got taken down by TikTok. Why? Mary Fran wrote that the video was taken down “Because Tik Tok thinks I’m bullying MYSELF.”

She reposted the video in which she walks into the bathroom at the hotel where she is staying and points out a few things that are definitely not designed for someone of her size. The video is hilarious in its honestly, and the person filming the video (Mary Fran’s sister) is laughing behind the camera the entire time.

Here is Mary Fran’s first video about problems fat people face while traveling. Take a look.

@itsmaryfranBecause Tik Tok thinks I’m bullying MYSELF, here’s the re-upload for the besties♬ original sound – Mary Fran

After reposting the video, Mary Fran added a comment explaining, “Also, side note I love this hotel and have stayed here before. These types of things happen a lot in many different locations. Just trying to laugh.”

Many of Mary Fran’s followers could relate to the video, even viewers who described themselves as “skinny.” One person wrote, “I’m skinny and really short and I remember one hotel I went to seriously had some small towels like they barely covered my body.”

Another viewer wrote, “As a chubby person I relate to this so much.”

Other viewers are thankful for her video to open their eyes to a situation they never considered. One comment reads, “First of all, I love the fun energy. Second, thanks for opening my eyes to inclusivity issues I’ve never realized.”

Mary Fran wasn’t done with just one hotel video. She followed it up with another video where she called out pool towels and the furniture on the hotel room’s patio. Watch this video for yourself below.

@itsmaryfranTraveling as a Fat Person Episode 2♬ original sound – Mary Fran

As a side note for this video, Mary Fran wrote in the comments, “I am allowed to call myself whatever I want. ‘Fat’ is not a bad word in my dictionary, it’s a descriptor. It’s also my humor about ME.”

Even though Mary Fran exudes self-confidence and humor, she explained in an Instagram story that she doesn’t always feel confident. She explained, “This girl is far from being 100% confident. That while I have major moments of ‘eff the haters,’ I also have such real moments where I listen to the cruelty and believe it in a tiny way. Because my entire life and existence has been contingent on my feeling worthless in a world that doesn’t like me. That my voice doesn’t matter because I’m plus-sized.”

She went on to explain that she positive attention she gets from her videos helps her self-confidence. She continued, “So this is a reminder for me. You deserve the attention you’re getting. You’re worthy of the support and love that is being given. You are more than just skin and bones, you have value. Your voice and what you have to say is important.”

Has it ever occurred to you that hotels are not designed with fat people in mind?