Princess Charlotte Looks Remarkably Similar to Another Famous Royal as a Child

It’s always fun trying to figure out who a youngster looks like—is that Mom’s button nose she’s got, or is it Dad’s sparkling blue eyes?

Sometimes, however, genes can skip a generation. At least, that’s what caught the attention of pretty much everyone who saw Princess Charlotte’s first day of school photos, which were posted to Kensington Palace’s Instagram on January 8.

That’s when the two-and-a-half year old youngest child of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Duchess Kate, attended her very first day of nursery school at The Willcocks Nursery School near Kensington Palace in London.

Like most parents, the Duchess wanted to snap a few photos of her little one off to school to capture the precious moment. And the photo op revealed much more than just Charlotte’s adorable red coat and matching shoes.

The photos stirred quite a ruckus when the public realized who Charlotte looked like most: Her late grandmother, Diana, Princess of Wales.

When seen side-by-side against Princess Diana’s baby photos, there’s no doubt about it, the two share an uncanny resemblance. It’s hard to miss the near-identical dark strawberry blonde hair, big brown eyes, and endearing smile, to name just a few of the similar features. It’s a total #twinsies moment (and total royal cuteness).

Charlotte shares yet another similarity with Princess Diana—and that’s her parents’ approach to education. Back in the day, Princess Diana sent Prince William (as well as Prince Harry) to a Montessori school as a toddler, even though that wasn’t really the norm. It was more common for royal children to receive their education at Buckingham Palace via private tutors back then.

But William and Kate chose to send Charlotte to school, as they did with Prince George, Charlotte’s brother, who also attended a Montessori school (Westacre Montessori in Norfolk).

Just like Diana, they strayed from the royal norm, but with good reason. Charlotte’s nursery school has a remarkable reputation and offers a wealth of academics like math, reading, and science, plus a variety of playful activities. There’s even a chance for the two-year-old to try her hand at cooking, singing, acting, or gardening. (Imagine those cute photos?)

This isn’t the first time a family member has shown a crazy physical resemblance to Princess Diana. Royal fans previously caught on that Diana’s 27-year-old niece, Lady Kitty Spencer, also bears a striking resemblance to her. Apparently Kitty, a successful model who has been featured on many magazines covers and even walked the runway for Dolce & Gabbana, also inherited Princess Diana’s height, who stood at 5’ 10”.

This is also the second lookalike moment for Charlotte, too. Back in May, a photo of the royal toddler, taken to celebrate her second birthday, began circling the internet when fans realized how much she resembled her great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. They even had similar barrettes!

We think it’s safe to say the royal family genes are pretty strong. Dying to see how similar Princess Diana as a baby and Princess Charlotte look?

We agree, it’s pretty striking. See for yourself by watching the video below!