99-Year-Old Prince Philip Has Left the Hospital After a 28-Day Visit

Prince Philip has been admitted to the hospital several times within the past few years. Most recently, he was admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital in London on February 16, 2021. For a brief period of time, he was relocated to St Bartholomew’s Hospital to undergo heart surgery.

While he was in the hospital, Meghan and Harry’s tell-all Oprah interview aired. The royal family thought that was poor timing, but Meghan and Harry had no way of knowing that Harry’s grandfather would be hospitalized. Even the Queen realized it was out of their hands as far as whether or not the interview would air, which it did.

It seems that the tell-all interview from his grandson and granddaughter-in-law did not hurt his recovery. One month after first being admitted to the hospital, Prince Philip has been released. His heart surgery was a success.

Buckingham Palace released a statement with a message from Prince Philip.

His Royal Highness wishes to thank all the medical staff who looked after him at both King Edward VII’s Hospital and St Bartholomew’s Hospital, and everyone who has sent their good wishes.”

Watch the video below to catch of glimpse of 99-year-old Prince Philip on his way home from the hospital.


Prince Philip and his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, moved from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle in 2020 during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. They have spent much of the past year at Windsor Castle.

Since 2017, Prince Philip has not been in public very much. He has been hospitalized several times. This June, he will be celebrating his 100th birthday.

Prince Philip has been married to the Queen for 73 years. Even though he has stepped back from public life, she is still very active. She even made a couple public appearances while her husband was in the hospital.