If you’re one of those people who have been keeping up with England’s royal family, then you know that love has been in the air for the past few years. The late Princess Diana’s children have been taking center stage as grown men with love lives.

You’ve watched them change from little boys into young men who date and marry. Prince William’s wedding in 2011 to Kate Middleton was a lavish affair that was celebrated all over the globe. Their courtship and nuptials captivated the public, and now it’s happening all over again with Prince Harry.

He’s not even engaged to his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, yet. But folks are speculating which piece of heirloom jewelry he’ll lay upon her finger when the time comes. Out of the running is Princess Diana’s own sapphire engagement ring.

It is rumored that when she passed away, each of her sons chose a keepsake of their mother’s that was special to him. Prince Harry selected the engagement ring, while Prince William opted for one of her watches. When William proposed to the duchess, he did so with their mom’s sapphire ring.

It was Harry who insisted that his big brother take the ring to give to his future bride. How’s that for brotherly love? It’s said that when they were kids they made a pact that whichever one got married first would get the ring.

Given that the two have looked out for one another since their mother’s death, it’s not that surprising. Their bond is an example of the love that Princess Diana instilled in them from a young age.

With his own love story unfolding, it’s now thought that perhaps Harry will pop the question to Meghan with something from the family’s jewel collection. Will it be a necklace, a bracelet, or tiara that can be refashioned into a ring? Will it be one of his mom’s pieces or something from the family vault?

Two of Diana’s favored stones were sapphires and emeralds. She had quite the collection that included an emerald necklace gifted from the queen, and an emerald bracelet from Prince Charles. She also possessed sapphire earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry containing the beautiful blue gem.

For sentimental reasons, Harry may pick something that belonged to his mother. He could also go the route of buying a new ring. Whatever he chooses to do, we’re sure it will be well-received by his sweetheart.

Besides her material possessions, it seems that Diana also passed down her charming personality to her sons. The world is as enamored with them as they were with her. As part of the younger generation of royals, the princes are popular around the world as down-to-earth, humble men.

Prince Harry’s love life is really nobody’s business, but you can’t help but root for these princes who had to deal with the tragedy of their mom’s loss. When he does propose, we’re sure his brother will have his back too.

What are your thoughts on Prince Harry’s gesture? Do you have the same type of bond with your sibling? Are you a royal watcher?

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