We’re sure the British royal family is used to being greeted by throngs of fans when out and about. When their arrival is for an event or special occasion, many fans take great pains to be present in person, hoping to catch a look at them.

Some travel from great distances, some wait in the rain, and others linger patiently for hours. Daphne Dunne, a 97-year-old widow, soldiered through 7 hours of waiting in the rain so she could see Prince Harry.

This past summer, the prince visited Sydney, Australia, to promote 2018’s Invictus Games. During his tour, he spent time in Sydney Harbor, where Daphne had been waiting for him with other fans. He made his way through the crowd, shaking hands and smiling, but when he spotted Daphne, he was visibly excited.

It wasn’t the first time they’d met. In 2015, he’d been working with the Australian Defense Force and paid a visit to the Sydney Opera House before leaving the country. It was there he noticed Daphne decked out with a cluster of military medals. Specifically, Prince Harry saw the Victoria Cross she was wearing.

Daphne, herself a veteran of the Australian Women’s Army service, told the prince about her first husband, Albert Chowne, being awarded the Victoria Cross posthumously. He died while in combat during World War II, a year after they were married. He was only 24.

The group of medals Daphne wore that day belonged to him, and she continues to wear them as a way to honor his memory, especially when attending events for servicemen and women. Prince Harry planted a peck on her cheek at that first meeting, and two years later he recognized her!

He greeted Daphne with a warm embrace, a kiss, and told her he was happy to see her, and they chatted for a few moments during the sweet reunion. According to her, he was worth the long wait in the pouring rain.

Both princes are known to be down-to-earth and for supporting charitable causes around the world. What’s charmed Ms. Dunne the most is Prince Harry’s heart for veterans and military members. He created the Invictus Games as a way to support wounded and injured service personnel through sport.

Since 2014, the event has been held in different countries and attracts competitors from various nations. In 2018, Sydney will be hosting the games and we’re sure Daphne will show up to cheer everyone on, and maybe steal another moment with Harry.

Watch the short clip below to hear what this adorable woman had to say about her second meeting with the prince. One of the things we found out was that Daphne brought a small cooler of beers with her to share with the prince.

Though he didn’t have time to partake, him taking the time to show love to a dear fan was golden. Perhaps when he comes to Sydney next year for the Invictus Games, they’ll get a chance to celebrate the occasion with a royal toast and a smooch!

Is your heart melting over this charming woman’s encounter with the prince? What do you think of Harry?