Sometimes if you want the record straight, you’ll have to set it yourself.

That seems to be what Prince Harry of the English Royal family is doing now. Even if you don’t remember all that was revealed, it’s very likely that you remember the great upset that followed the last time that Prince Harry started opening up. A handful of months after that rather infamous intimate interview (say that five times fast) in the Spring, the Prince is setting out to spill the English Breakfast Tea once again. This time, though, he’s taking up the pen and writing the story himself.


I can’t imagine this will go over smoothly with the rest of the family, but at the end of the day, it is his life and he should be free to talk about it as much or as little as he wants. He did not choose the immense pressure of Royal life, but he is choosing to step away from it and I’m interested in finding out specifically why. I’m also personally looking forward to seeing how the overall tone of that lifestyle changes based on the perspective of the person telling the story. We’re so used to being told all about the Royals from an outsider’s lens, but now we may just learn what really goes on behind all those grand closed doors.

Will you read Prince Harry’s memoir when it comes out? Do you think it’s okay for him to write about the family publicly? Most importantly, what reasons could you see yourself giving up a life of nobility for? (For me, it’s the strict dress codes every time they are seen in public. I dress how I like, thank you very much!)