The 1 and Only Thing Prince George Wanted for Christmas

Ah, Christmastime. It truly is the season that keeps on giving. These days, we love the peace, solitude, family time, and opportunities to decorate that come with the holiday, but when we were just wee little ones, Christmas meant something entirely different—PRESENTS!

There really was no greater thrill than getting that first glimpse at what was under the tree Christmas morning. For us, the best holiday ever was when our folks finally caved and got us that highly-coveted, sparkly, pink 6-gear bike. Those were the days…

While each and every holiday is special in its own way, this one was a particularly happy one for the Royal Family. You see, Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate, are getting to experience that fun time that so many new parents love, when their little ones are just old enough to truly appreciate the holiday.

Their oldest child, the delightful Prince George, is really at that great age for Christmas. He’s 4-years-old and just big enough to have written his very first letter to Santa. During an official visit in Finland, the tiny royal was able to deliver it to everyone’s favorite North Pole resident.

In a video capturing the event, his dad, Prince William, escorted him to the big man in red. “He’s been extremely keen to see you!” the proud father gushes before handing over a sheet of paper. “He hasn’t written down many requests, so I think one request is probably OK.”

It’s true; we managed to catch a quick glimpse of the list and it really is quite sparse for a preschooler. In the letter, Prince George had indicated that he had been “nice” this year, a good call considering Santa Claus is known to dole out coal to troublemakers!

Now, it’s important to note that the little royal had plenty of opportunities to include as many gift requests as his little heart desired, but he decided that he really wanted to open only one present on Christmas morning.

We’re not kidding. The future King of England just wants one, very simple present for the holiday.

It might be too early to tell, but we think that this little prince might just be one of the few ultra-wealthy folks who prefers simplicity over opulence. After all, that ONE request is quite humble, especially considering it’s coming from one of the most influential royals on the planet!

To see the adorable Prince George deliver his simple Christmas letter to Santa, and to find out his one request, be sure to watch the video below. It may not be a list “fit for a king”, but we gotta say, we kind of like that! It’s refreshing to see the Royal Family pull back on its lavish image.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on Prince George’s Christmas wish. Did his short list surprise you? Do you think he’ll shape up to be a humble royal? What did your kids get for Christmas this year?