Kids Choose Their Own Greeting in This Preschool’s Meaningful Daily Ritual

For preschoolers, much of what they learn has to do with social skills. It usually starts as soon as they walk into the classroom to say hello to their teachers and friends.

At that age, the kids are generally very sweet with each other as they learn and play together. One teacher in Iowa is mixing things up with how her students greet one another each morning. Kali Lovgren has turned her class’s morning “hello” into a fun activity where each child gets to choose his or her greeting.

In this adorable video, the “greeter” stands and waits for each classmate to point to their preferred welcome gesture and then he obliges. They can choose from a hug, high-five, handshake, or fist bump.

Watch the cuteness unfold as they each take their time making their selections. Teachers can find these handy charts online where they can be downloaded, printed, and placed in the classroom. If they want, they can also be laminated.

The greeting helps the kids feel warm and connected when they walk in each day, and we’re assuming that everyone gets to take turns being the greeter. What a clever way to build a sense of community in the classroom!

As you watch, notice how many of these little ones request to be hugged. It’s magical. Back in the spring, a Texas teacher went viral after posting a video of her kindergarten class doing the same thing. It’s encouraging to see these children showing each other love and treating each person as a friend.

Do you remember doing something like this in preschool? Are you a teacher who uses a similar practice?