Couple Notices Something in an Old Preschool Photo

If there was ever a couple that was “meant to be”, it’s Justin and Amy. The two thirtysomething Floridians both decided they wanted to try online dating, so they turned to the popular site to see if they could find anyone they connected with.

Almost right away, Justin was infatuated by Amy’s pictures and profile; little did he know that on her end, Amy was just interested! The couple began to message on the site, then text, then talk on the phone, and it became increasingly clear that the two had serious chemistry.

Finally, they met in person and confirmed what they had both suspected; they had found “the one”. Amy even recalls telling her friends before the first date she just knew she was about to meet her husband. And she was right.

“It was like I had known him my whole life,” she told PEOPLE.

The two started to seriously date, eventually getting engaged to be married. But the story of Justin and Amy had really just begun.

One day, Justin told her that he’s always had a thing for girls named Amy. Why? Because when he was in preschool, his sweetheart had been named Amy! Since that first crush, he had always found the name alluring.

Amy was immediately curious. The two hadn’t gone to the same elementary school, but they had never discussed their preschool days, and they had grown up in the same area. Just out of curiosity, the couple asked their to dig up some old photos. It was Justin’s mom who would find the fateful photo.

When Amy was handed a picture of Justin’s preschool class, all sitting out on the playground, the picture looked immediately familiar. She looked a little closer and immediately broke down into tears.

There was young Justin — and sitting right next to him was a four-year-old Amy. As it turns out, the two hadn’t just gone to preschool together, Amy was the sweetheart Justin fondly remembers! Talk about fate.

Inside Edition picked up on the incredible story and began following the couple through their wedding planning process. They even went with them when the couple revisited the place where they first met: their old preschool in St. Petersburg, Florida. Now, nearly three decades after they first fell for each other, the couple was finally ready to tie the knot.

Amy looked absolutely stunning and we almost started to happy cry when Justin tried to preemptively kiss his blushing bride! To put the cherry on top of the gorgeous day, they had a very special guests marrying them: none other than Michelle Collins, former host on The View. What a fantastic end to a love story that was decades in the making.

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