If you are a fan of Ellen DeGeneres, then you know that the iconic host is famous for her in-depth interviews, hilarious hijinks, and most importantly, her signature generosity. See, she tends to shine the spotlight not just on celebrities, but on everyday heroes as well.

Take this guest, for instance; she’s not an actress, singer, or model—she’s just a mom who is trying her best to get through an extraordinarily difficult situation in the best way she knows how.

Now, today’s guest is actually an Ellen enthusiast who is sitting in the audience, completely unaware of what is about to occur. Vanya is just like any other fan, until the host starts to read out loud an email that she had sent in to the show…

Dear Ellen,

I am a military wife and a mom of 2.5 wonderful kids. I’m currently pregnant with our third baby. My husband Rob is in the Air Force and is currently deployed. My husband recently Skyped with me and we talked about his laundry. He mentioned his roommate was wearing his underwear because it was laundry day and they were out of clean boxers. Would you be willing to donate some Ellen boxers to my husband and some troops so they can avoid sharing?



Vanya is so taken aback by Ellen reading her private email to the host’s legion of fans, that she automatically starts tearing up! We don’t blame her one bit—talk about nerve-racking.

Vanya in audienceTheEllenShow
Instead of just giving her a few pairs of boxers and sending her on her way, she actually invites Vanya on stage with her for a full interview. It is then that we learn that the military wife’s husband has a very important, very hush-hush job in the Air Force.

In fact, the wife doesn’t even have a real idea of where he is stationed; all she knows is that her air battle manager husband is currently SOMEWHERE in Southwest Asia. This lady must have nerves of steel, because most wives want to know where their significant others are at all times. Talk about tough!

And, lest we forget, Vanya is carrying their third child. She knows that he is set to come home sometime around her due date, but even that is a bit of a mystery.

As expected, Ellen gives the emotional mom-to-be an entire basket full of undergarments, but this is far from the end of the show’s segment.

As a matter of fact, Vanya goes on to tell Ellen that she is playing a big role in her young daughter’s life. You see, the mom watches The Ellen Show with the 3-year-old every night, particularly for the military family segments. This is Vanya’s way of showing her kids that “daddies do come home.”

So, of course, the altruistic host does everything she can to make this military wife’s day, and boy is it spectacular! To watch Ellen give Vanya a heart-stopping surprise, be sure to click on the video below. We will never get sick of watching these videos! It’s so refreshing to see a celebrity use her fame to make the lives of our nation’s troops better.

What do you think of Ellen’s good deed? Are you part of a military family? If so, how do you handle lengthy deployments? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!