Pregnancy is something that looks different for every woman who chooses to have children. Some women gain dozens of pounds, others only gain a few. Some women experience symptoms like morning sickness, while others don’t notice any changes until their feet are painfully swollen in the third trimester — in other words, no two pregnancies are alike.

Despite the differences person-to-person, the majority of women will notice one mutual change: a rounding or growth of their stomach area in some way. This is especially true as you grow nearer to your delivery date, around the eight-month mark.

But apparently, not even that commonality is true for every pregnant mother, as we recently discovered while scrolling through the Instagram feed of model/fitness blogger, Sarah Stage.

Based out of Los Angeles, Sarah has garnered millions of followers with meal plans, fitness routines, and of course, hundreds of glamorous photos of her incredible body. She’s also a mother to an adorable little boy…and pregnant with her second child.

On July 7th, 2017, Sarah posted this mirrored shot of her in a cranberry red bikini. She looks (as she does in all her pictures) toned from head-to-toe, showing off a set of killer abs. Now, this would usually be normal for the blogger and get her thousands upon thousands of likes — but when her followers read the caption below, some questionable comments started flooding it.

The caption to the Instagram post reads:

“Positive vibes only #unbothered Metallic bikini from @londonbeachswim #6monthspregnant #26weeks”

You read that right. This woman is six months into her pregnancy, entering her third trimester when she posted this bombshell photo.

Needless to say, Sarah had been getting some backlash from the mouthy critics of the internet. Many chastised her for being so dedicated to her physique during her pregnancy, accusing her of putting fitness goals over the baby’s health.

While it’s true the fitness guru has been working out through her entire pregnancy, she assures everyone that her doctor approves her training schedule and she’s even shared that she’s gained 18 pounds. Based on the photos, it’s hard to believe that she gained any belly weight at all, hence her new nickname, “The Six-Pack Mom.”

Would you have been able to guess what everyone was upset about over this photo? Make sure to share your thoughts with us!