These days, there’s no shortage of inventive ways for pregnant couples to show off their bundles of joys-to-be. You see, social media has really made way for creative types to ditch those dull pregnancy announcement cards for something much more personal.

Take this gorgeous and talented pair, for instance. Gemma Marin and Israel Duffus are a serious power couple, if we have ever seen one…

Gemma is a show-stopping triple threat—a dancer, model, and actress—who has appeared on the big screen alongside George Clooney!

While Gemma is the beauty, Israel is most definitely the brawn. The muscled dude is a competitive fighter who has really started to make a name for himself in the world of boxing.

Spanish-born Gemma and Panamanian-born Israel reside in Los Angeles where, when they are not dedicating their time to chasing their Hollywood dreams, they play ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ to their beautiful baby girl, Alexandra.

And, while it’s clear that Alexandra’s parents are committed to finding success in ‘La La Land’, the infant actually managed to help her folks on their road to fame, even before she was born!

You see, when Alexandra was still growing in her mommy’s belly, Gemma and Israel decided to make a series of videos showing them dancing as a family. At around 33 weeks, the first time soon-to-be mom taped herself performing salsa, merengue, and bachata moves in her living room.

The most amazing thing is that, that big belly of hers never seemed to slow her down! And, though these solo videos got a lot of attention, the one that captured the hearts of viewers from all over, was one where she let Israel join in on the fun.

It’s so apparent that these two were, and are, deeply in love with one another—and the baby that they would soon meet.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Gemma told the source that dancing, even through her last trimester, was important to her. “I think anything you do with your baby in your belly feels wonderful, because you are sharing it with her,” she explained.


The benefits of dancing during pregnancy

As it turns out, it seems that this rising star had the right idea in keeping up with her dance schedule during pregnancy. According to research compiled by Baby Centre, experts say that this movement helps to maintain flexibility, muscle strength, and heart and lung function during this special time.

Though most types of movement are fine, it’s best to stick with types that do not involve too much jumping or floor activity. One of the most recommended kinds is, appropriately enough, belly dancing! This exercise helps strengthen the stomach and trunk muscles, as well as promote good posture which can, in turn, relieve pressure in the back.

Pretty amazing stuff, right? To see the viral video that started it all, be sure to click on the link below. Gemma and Israel may just be our new favorite Hollywood couple!

What do you think of Gemma and Israel’s pregnancy dance? Did you dance during your pregnancy? If so, do you have any tips? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!