One of the biggest hurdles in parenting: potty training your kid. While (especially if this is your first child) this can seem like a daunting task, you are entirely capable of doing this all on your own! With these helpful hints you might even be able to do it in ONE DAY, like this mother did! She’s here to share some of the tricks she used in training her 3 daughters, so hopefully you can use some of her hard earned wisdom. Watch the video below to hear her tips and tricks.

She does mention that winter is the perfect time to potty train because we’re all holed up inside and bored out of our minds, but don’t take that as any other time of year won’t work! Not true. You can potty train your kids whenever you have the time and, most importantly, when your kids are ready…which is actually the first step!

STEP 1: Ask Yourself

Is your toddler ready to be potty trained? As much as you might want to get it done and over with, it may be that your kid just isn’t ready yet.

Some signs of your toddler being ready are showing interest in the toilet, going in the corner of the room, or shutting the door when going. A good rule of thumb is when your kid asks to be changed, it may be time.

STEP 2: Cold Turkey Time

This mom believes that they best way for your kids to grasp the need for the toilet is if you nix the diapers, this way the kids can feel that they, uh, have an issue going on. Make sure to hide the diapers and stock up on potty training tools, instead.

STEP 3: Prepare the House

Favorite rug in the living room? Yeah, put that guy in storage for a while. You’ll want to temporarily hide anything you don’t want accidentally ruined and it might be good to put some pee-pads down on chairs and in car seats. A potty seat will also help ease your kids into the process.

STEP 4: The Day Of

The day has come for the potty training. Duh duh duuuuh! This mom’s trick was to set up a little party in the bathroom. She set up some salty snacks and a whole bunch of fun drinks for her toddler to chow down on, until eventually, she had to go to the bathroom.

That first day, she went to the bathroom all over the floor – but her mom made her clean up each mess she made, so she started to make the connection. By the next day, she was going in the toilet – and the rest is history!

Have you potty trained your kids in a creative way? Share your experience in the comments section below.