If you’ve recently been on a flight this travel season, then you are aware of how packed it is in the airport and on planes. It doesn’t matter if you take a super early flight or a late one, there are huge crowds, long lines, and confusion.

Tired? Need a way to cope? Well, with all the new rules for emotional support animals, you probably don’t qualify, buy Popeyes has found a way to skirt those rules. Passengers heading to or from the Philadelphia International Airport can get their own “emotional support chicken” and yes, it has the proper label.

Fried chicken just makes everything better, right? Popeyes wanted to inject some humor into the busy holiday travel season for travelers passing through Philly. It’s a limited time promo that includes a 3-piece tender combo meal.

In a press release, Chief Marketing Officer Hope Diaz said this:

“We know holiday travel can be frustrating, and there’s no better way to ease stress than with a box of delicious POPEYES® fried chicken and a good laugh. We appreciate how comforting emotional support animals are and wanted to create our own version. The good news is that our emotional support chicken is permitted to fly without any restrictions – one less worry for busy travelers!”

That means TSA can’t confiscate your chicken even if the box looks like a real pet! The clever packaging includes a description of the marinated chicken and has a warning that says, “Do not leave unattended as Popeye’s is not responsible for lost or stolen chicken.”

If your trip takes you to the “City of Brotherly Love”, fly stress-free and with a full belly!

Are you a fan of Popeyes chicken? Do you have travel plans that include Philly’s airport? Do you want one of these regardless of whether or not you’re traveling?