We wouldn’t want to meet a polar bear in the wild, but on our plate? Now that’s a different story— a sweet chocolate one! Introducing: Polar Bear Paw Cupcakes! Just in time for winter, this adorable idea transforms a regular cupcake into the fuzzy paw of everybody’s favorite North Pole mammal. What’s more, the decorations are edible and tasty all on their own, adding a dose of peppermint and coconut that makes these treats as extra-delicious as they are extra-cute. Bonus— it’s SO easy to do! Let us show you how, then read on for the step-by-step instructions.

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  • Chocolate cupcakes (boxed or from your favorite recipe)
  • Vanilla frosting (canned or from your favorite recipe)
  • Peppermint patties, 1 for each cupcake
  • Chocolate-covered raisins, 3 for each cupcake
  • Shredded coconut


  1. Bake the chocolate cupcakes according to your favorite recipe’s directions or to the instructions on the side of the box. Allow to cool.
  2. If making homemade vanilla frosting, mix according to your favorite recipe’s directions. If using canned, set out the can and allow the frosting to come to an easily spreadable room temperature.
  3. Generously frost each cupcake. The frosting needs to be thick enough to hold the decorations in place and to fully embed the peppermint patties and chocolate-covered raisins. Make the frosting as even as possible.
  4. Place a peppermint pattie onto a cupcake, near the bottom center edge, to form the pad of the polar bear paw. Gently press the pattie into the frosting until you hit cupcake, allowing the frosting to come up nearly flush to the top of the pattie. The frosting will hold the pattie in place.
  5. Place 3 chocolate-covered raisins onto the cupcake above the peppermint pattie, in a slight arc parallel to the pattie edge, to form the polar bear paw toes. Gently press the chocolate-covered raisins into the frosting so that they are secure, held in place, and nearly surrounded by frosting.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with each cupcake, until every one has peppermint pattie paw pads and chocolate-covered-raisin toes.
  7. Press a bit of coconut flakes onto each cupcake to form the fur. Cover the top of the cupcake, but do not obscure the peppermint patties or the chocolate-covered raisins. Gently use your fingers to pat and press the coconut flakes into the frosting around the patties and raisins, until the cupcakes look like furry paws.
Side view of cupcakes decorated as polar bear paws

How adorable are these cupcakes?! They’re perfect for a winter-themed classroom celebration, an animal-loving-child’s birthday party, or any festive occasion where you could use an extra dose of adorable.

3 cupcakes decorated to look like polar bear pawsTipHero

You can use this decorating idea to decorate ANY cupcakes you want, too! While we love the classic contrast of polar bear black-and-white, you can also use vanilla, strawberry, or any other flavor of cupcake you want. Under the frosting, peppermint patties and coconut, nobody will be able to tell! Plus, you can use whatever recipe, boxed mix, or even store-bought cupcakes you want. You get to chose whatever’s easiest for YOU!

Cupcake topped with peppermint pattie, chocolate-covered raisins, and coconut flakes

So what do you think?! Have you ever seen or tried anything like these cupcakes before? Will you give it a try? Let us know if you make them and be sure to tell us how they turn out for you!

Recipe adapted from One Little Project At A Time