Mom’s Use of Pizza to Mark Baby’s Monthly Milestones Is Getting So Much Love on Social Media

Many parents love to show off their kids on social media, and we can totally understand. As parents ourselves, we know that everything our kids do, every milestone they achieve, it’s absolutely incredible and we feel compelled to share it with the world.

One milestone that many parents share is when their baby becomes one month older. We’re talking about taking pictures at one month old, two months old, three months old and so on through baby’s 1st birthday at 12 months old.

This trend of taking baby’s picture each month is so popular that there are many products parents can buy to act as props in these photo shoots. One popular prop is a sheet or blanket that has numbers 1 through 12 on it. You simply put the baby on the sheet and mark the month that matches how old your baby is.

Another technique that many parents use it to buy stickers made for these photo shoots. In these sticker sets, there’s a sticker for each month, 1 through 12. Parents simply stick the sticker on the baby’s outfit before taking a picture. Having used this technique ourselves, by about halfway through the year, it’s hard to get the baby to stop pulling the sticker off his or her onesie. If you use this technique, we recommend putting the sticker near the baby but not actually on the baby so it doesn’t get ripped up.

One clever mom in Maryland, Dani Giannandrea, decided that she didn’t need to buy any props made for these monthly baby pictures. She was going to buy something else instead. Something that would be a nod to her baby’s Italian heritage. Something that her family could eat.

We’re talking about pizza. Seriously, this is genius. Instead of having an actual number next to her baby, she cut a pizza into 12 slices. Then she opened up the pizza box and set her baby inside the lid.

The first month, there was only one slice of pizza next to the baby. The second month two slices. By the baby’s first birthday, there was a whole pizza in the box with the baby.

Since Dani shared the picture on Facebook, her post has been shared over 1000 times and has over 800 comments.

This is a brilliant idea in so many ways. Not only is it super cute, but it’s also delicious. The photos are adorable. We could just eat them up!

This photo idea also has us thinking that you could do the same concept with other food that could be cut into 12 pieces, like a cake. You could also buy multiples of a type of food you love (such as tacos or hotdogs) and put it next to baby.

What do you think of Dani’s creative photo idea? If you had kids, did you take monthly pictures of them when they were babies?