Over the years, we’ve seen and shared tons of cakes designed and decorated to look like other things, from flowers to bear paws to even crazier designs. Rarely, though, do we see cakes transformed dramatically while still looking like food we crave. But today, we’ve found one from the geniuses at How To Cake It that fits that rare crave-inducing bill: Pizza Cake!

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: a cake that looks like a pizza. We’ve seen attempts at this cake decor before, but never have we seen anything so accurate that looking at it actually makes us start craving that dough, tomato and cheese. Seriously. Just look at it:

Cake decorated to look like a pizzaHow To Cake It

Yes, that’s a cake, baked right into a classic pizza tin. The “dough” is vanilla cake, the “sauce” is buttercream, the toppings are candy, and to top it all off? That’s a brûléed fondant crust! Even better, when you watch the tutorial from Yolanda at How To Cake It, you can totally make it yourself, too. Just imagine everybody’s reactions when you set this treat on the table, and check this one out.

Pizza Cake


  • 1 – 4-pound portion vanilla cake
  • Italian meringue buttercream
  • Simple syrup
  • 2 pounds white fondant
  • Clear piping gel
  • 1 – 12-ounce (350-gram) jar raspberry jam
  • Modeling chocolate
  • 2 ounces white chocolate
  • Fruit roll-ups, or fruit leather snacks
  • Green wine gummies
  • Fruit twists
  • Black licorice
  • Wilton Ivory Icing Color
  • Wilton Red No Taste Icing Color

Want the full, written step-by-step instructions? Head on over to Yolanda’s How To Cake It site, where she’s sharing it along with helpful pictures!

Yolanda’s tutorial below is so thorough, we really think any home baker could learn how to make this absolutely incredible pizza cake! She shares so many great tips and tricks throughout it to get the Pizza Cake really perfect, and we want to highlight the tips we think it’s important not to miss!

  • Make sure to prep your pizza pan with both vegetable shortening and parchment paper. Be careful to get the shortening up under the lip of the pan, or the cake “crust” will get wrinkly when it bakes.
  • For even baking, try to turn the cake every 10 minutes while it bakes.
  • Have a convection oven and baking with the fan? Keep the fan on the low setting so the batter doesn’t blow out of the pizza pan.
  • Don’t have as large a table as Yolanda to prep your pizza and roll out the fondant crust ring? It’s totally OK to roll and make it in smaller pieces. Once the whole Pizza Cake is complete, you won’t see the seams!
  • Fondant is so high in sugar, it caramelizes under heat— perfect for using a blow torch to get that browned crust!
  • If, as Yolanda suggests, you’re using a smaller cake pan as a guide while you brown the fondant “crust,” make sure to use an oven mitt to remove it after you finish the browning process, as it will retain the heat from the blow torch.
  • Make sure to keep the white modeling chocolate “cheese” in the fridge, because it will grate better and more easily when it’s cold.
  • When melting the first layer of modelling chocolate “cheese,” hold the blow torch farther away from it than you did for the crust. You don’t want to brown it as much.
  • Similarly, when melting the second layer of chocolate “cheese,” keep the blow torch on a really low setting so as to not melt or brown the other toppings.

There’s even more tips where these ones came from, so let’s quit talking and start watching and baking! Check out How To Cake It’s tutorial video now. We promise, this one’s going to amaze you.

What do you think of this Pizza Cake? Have you ever seen anything like it before? Do you like the candy toppings Yolanda uses, or can you think of your own preferred ones you’d rather use? Let us know what you think, and of course let us know if you try this one out!