‘Pizza Fork’ Is Here for Those Who Take Their Pizza Eating Very Seriously

Nowadays, there’s a kitchen gadget for literally everything to make our lives easier. You know, the tool that easily cuts and de-pits your avocados, or a device that hard-boils your eggs in a pinch.

And now, there’s a new product for us to all ooh and ahh over. Something to help us eat a slice of our favorite food: Pizza!

Sure, we don’t really need something to help us shovel the bready, saucy, cheesy goodness into our mouths (our hands and mouth work quite well, thank you very much), but we suppose it couldn’t hurt to make our pizza experience a bit more fun. And dainty for that matter.

Introducing: The pizza fork! The new innovative tool combines your standard fork with your very own personal pizza cutter, all in one! This way, you can cut up your own personal pizza slice and then eat it—all with the one tool.

We know what you’re thinking but DON’T WORRY—the blade is sharp enough to slice through even the thickest of toppings. From pepperoni to sausage or mushroom, rest assured that the pizza fork can cut up any kind of slice into bite-size pieces.

The pizza fork is made of a top-quality stainless steel, making the blade sharp as a tack and easy to clean without ever the fear of rusting (and it’s dishwasher safe, so that’s always a plus!). There’s also a protective “fender” to cover the cutting wheel so you don’t accidentally cut yourself.

The pizza cutter was first introduced by the inventor Daniel Morvec on a site called Kickstarter, surprisingly without much excitement surrounding it (we have no idea why!).

Even so, the pizza cutter is finally making its debut and is now available for pre-order now on Stupidioitic.com, a site known for spoof gifts of the same nature.

All kidding aside, this tool is actually quite useful for a broad range of people. These people include:

  • Those with arthritis or joint issues (it’s ergonomic)
  • People without a lot of time on their hands (it saves time by combining two processes)
  • Those who enjoy eating pizza in small pieces (I know I do!)
  • Parents who want to cut up their kid’s pizza quickly (Parents do NOT have a lot of time on their hands)
  • Parents who want to help teach their kids how to cut their own pizza (remember, it has a protecting fender)
  • People who want to practice portion control (When you cut and eat, your stomach has time to rest before each bite so you get fuller quicker!)

Additionally, those with deformities may also benefit “I bought it for a friend who has one arm. Easy to cut and pick up with fork,” one customer wrote.

“It is cute and useful, and easy to cut pizza,” another buyer commented.

The pizza cutter doesn’t have to be used to cut just pizza—it’s useful for lots of foods, such ass pancakes, waffles, steaks, and chops.

To learn more about how the pizza fork works, check out the video below, and click here to purchase yours!

What do you think of this all-in-one pizza fork and cutter combo? Would you ever purchase this product? What about for a pizza-loving friend?