For various reasons, pit bulls don’t always get shown in the best light, but many are smart, loyal, and lovable companions. An Ohio family’s pit bull turned out to be the hero they needed during an emergency.

Ember was adopted by the Daniels family from an organization called Adore-a-Bull, a Cincinnati-area group that rescues pits. She was the second pit bull they adopted the year they found her, and she formed a close bond with 10-year-old Tre. Ember often slept close to the boy’s bed.

One night, Tre’s mom, Tracy, noticed that Ember came into their room during the night and was making odd noises. She was also pacing, alerting Tracy that someone needed to get up.

“We were sleeping and she just sat down next to the bed and she was doing this real low grumble. It wasn’t even a growl, it was just this odd grumble.”

Tracy followed Ember down the hall to the bathroom where her son, Tre, was keeled over in the bathtub. He was having a seizure. She told TV station Local 12:

 “Then I saw Tre’s legs just hanging over the side of the tub there. And as I looked into the tub, half of his body was out and the other half was in the tub and his head was fully extended back.”

Tre was rushed to the hospital by paramedics, treated, and released. When he returned home, Ember stayed by his side.

What was most remarkable to the Daniels was that Ember did all of this without any training, just her instincts and love. They are grateful that she was there to help save their son during an emergency, and also hopeful that their story may change some opinions on the breed.

Tre’s father, Tony Daniels, is a Cincinnati firefighter and has seen his share of dog-related – and pit bull-related – incidents. He attributes those events to the inexperienced or neglectful owners.

Tre has since been diagnosed with epilepsy and Ember, who today is only about three or four, received training to become a service dog. According to the family, she is very loving and sticks close to the little boy.

Following their experience, the Daniels decided to enter the Petco Foundation’s Holiday Wishes campaign. Pet adopters who shared a story about how their animal changed their lives could earn grant funds for the organization they adopted from.

The year they entered the contest with Ember’s story, the Daniels won $10,000 for Adore-a-Bull, the rescue that took in Ember as a puppy. What a way to give back! The organization relies on generous donations from the public to do their work, so this grant really gave them a boost.

Watch this video to hear more about Ember’s heroic deed and her backstory. We know this breed often gets a bad rap, but sometimes proper care, training, and attention are what they need. Go Ember!

Were you already aware of Ember’s wonderful story? Do you have a liking for pit bulls? Has your dog done a Lassie-like deed too?